Deicing Bloomington IL


When snow hauling or ice scraping is no longer a viable option due to the quantity involved, then it is time to consider deicing or snow melting. At Snow Removalers of Bloomington, we make use of the latest technology called a snow melter to take care of your deicing and snow melting needs. The perks of using a deicer and snow melter include less air and noise pollution.

Get Our Deicing Service and Protect Yourself from Dangerous Conditions

There have been instances in the past where you walk on a steep driveway or to the front of a store, and you suddenly lose your footing due to a slick spot. Landing on your hip, wrist or tailbone might warrant you taking a trip to the ER. For commercial property owners, this is a lawsuit in the making. There are easy ways to present this from happening.

Snow Removalers of Bloomington offers deicing, salting and sanding services to get rid of ice and snow buildup on your sidewalk, driveway or parking lot. We promise to keep you safe from the dangers that lurk on snowed over paved areas. Our professional and experienced workers put down the right grade and amount of salt for your driveway or parking lot.

The sidewalk shoveling crew have salt bags, and after clearing the sidewalks of snow, they disperse the salt to prevent further buildup of ice and also to melt any leftover snow. Utilizing satellite images, we are able to measure the size of your property so, we can aptly measure the correct amount of salt and sand.

Deicing Equipment

We have different types of dump trucks specifically for sanding and salting applications. The vehicles are able to hold a significant weight of sand and salt which can cover a vast expanse of land. To ensure speedy response to call for service, we have an on-site mechanic to assure the trucks are kept in good working conditions.

Our trucks also have hydraulic powered salt dispensers. With this technology, the driver is able to control the amount of salt that comes out as well as the range it flies to. On the site, we have crew members who ensure that the amount of salt being released is not more than needed. The spreader also provides that the sides that need more salt are effectively reached, so all areas of the site are de-iced.

Some of our employees are also on call during the winter season morning to night, seven days a week to help with salting needs of our clients whenever you need it.

What Is the Cost of Deicing?

Our deicing service is quite affordable. It is a better alternative to stacking vast amounts of snow, and it keeps you, your family members, employees, and visitors safe during the winter. We base our pricing on the size of the area that requires deicing.

If you are interested in getting the quote for your residential or commercial property, then give us a call on (309) 204-2174 or make use of our online quote request form. Our snow hauling experts will get back to you in no time.